This page contains projects conducted in collaboration with Wild Entrust, the umbrella organisation of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust.

re mmogo
The Re Mmogo (“We are together”) project promotes coexistence between farmers and large carnivores in northern Botswana, through an open approach to information sharing, and by providing farmers with advice and practical assistance with human-carnivore conflict prevention.

Eye cow
The eye-cow project is a simple and low cost attempt to reduce livestock-carnivore conflict by painting eyes on the hinds of cattle. This approach relies on the prediction that ambush predators such as lions and leopards will abandon the hunt when they are ‘seen’ by their prey.

Based on the Khwai Private Reserve, and funded by the Natural Selection Conservation Trust, the Khwai Leopard Project is a student-led project focused on comparing leopard survey methods,
and understanding leopard communication and movement ecology in a dynamic system where carnivores must balance the need to effectively communicate with other leopards while avoid detection by lions and their prey.

AWD decisions
Understanding how African wild dogs collectively make decisions, particularly around movement, is important in their effective conservation. How can we conserve them if we don’t know where they are going, and what factors influence these decisions?

This page details various ongoing large carnivore conservation ecology research projects that are currently being undertaken.