The eye-cow project is a simple and low cost attempt to reduce livestock-carnivore conflict by painting eyes on the hinds of cattle. This approach relies on the prediction that ambush predators such as lions and leopards will abandon the hunt when they are ‘seen’ by their prey.

Preliminary work focused on establishing the efficacy of the technique in northern Botswana, and this work is currently undergoing peer-review. We hope to be able to share the final results of this work soon.

Eye-cows assemble in the kraal

Coming soon:

Update on eye-cow science!

The research article describing our work is currently under review and press embargo. We are looking forward to getting this information out there, but in the meantime please contact us directly for more information.

Guidelines to implement the eye-cow technique

In combination with Bobby-Jo Photography, and funded by Taronga Conservation Society Australia, we have produced video and pictorial guides to the practical use of the eye-cow technique on your herd. These guides will be in English & Setswana, and will be made available as soon as they are completed.

Re Mmogo project to implement eye-cow

Encouraging and facilitating coexistence with large carnivores is the key aim of the Re Mmogo project, a new coexistence project at BPC funded by the Natural Selection Conservation Trust and Taronga Conservation Society Australia.  Demonstrating the eye-cow technique will form a part of the daily work undertaken by two local coexistence officers,  that BPC is currently seeking/hiring.