Funded by the Natural Selection Conservation Trust and hosted and supported in the stunning Khwai Private Reserve, this student-led project brings together collaborators from the University of New South Wales, University of Botswana, and Botswana Predator Conservation.

It will test and develop novel methods of surveying leopards, including through Passive Acoustic Monitoring devices, and will investigate leopard communication and movement ecology in a landscape of risk

The project will characterise the vocal repertoire of leopards, and uncover spatial and temporal patterns of signalling in this large carnivore. Particular attention will be played to the landscape of risk, where leopards must balance effective communication with conspecifics, with the risk of eavesdropping by prey and more dominant competing predators (lions).


Natural Selection Conservation Trust

Khwai Private Reserve

Botswana Predator Conservation

University of New South Wales (Dr Neil Jordan; Benjamin Walker; Prof Tracey Rogers; Dr Mitchell Lyons)

University of Botswana (Dr Emily Bennitt; Rethabile Setlalekgomo)