Where the wild dogs are

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Photo credit: Neil Jordan

Preying solitaire: the story of a lone

African wild dog


Photo credit: Neil Jordan

Solving human-wildlife conflict, one honey badger at a time!

Last night, after five years of torment, including an attempted arson attempt last week (he turned the gas on overnight!), we have finally excluded the camp’s resident honey badger from the kitchen cupboard! No more late night flour fests; no more nocturnal plate licking; “Motswane”, it’s been emotional…


Human-wildlife conflict: draining Africa of it’s lions

Blog published: 25 May 2016

Here’s a short (<2min) video blog explaining the impact that predator-livestock conflict is having on predator populations, even those within protected areas. Click the picture to watch. 


The hunt debunked?

Blog published: 29 March 2016

Our new research shows that African wild dogs don’t hunt collaboratively or chase prey over long distances. 

Megan Claase_0177

Photo credit: Megan Claase

Scary-ass cows: could saving lions and livelihoods be this simple?

Blog published: 22 February 2016

‘Intimidating’ eye patterns painted on the hides of cattle is a rare sight in more ways than one: it’s a low cost, locally implementable potential solution to human-wildlife conflict.


Photo credit: Ben Yexley