Current projects

My research focuses on understanding and attempting to reduce human-wildlife conflicts, particularly those involving large carnivores. My current projects include:

i-cow projecti-cow-in-kraal_neil-jordan.jpg

Can painting eye patterns on cows reduce predation and promote coexistence with African large carnivores?

Ongoing collaboration (Botswana Predator Conservation Trust)

lion1.jpgSound barrier project

Can playbacks of lion roars and anthropogenic sounds reduce livestock losses to lions and their competitors?

 PhD project (Cameron Radford, University of New South Wales)

Tasmanian_Devil (1)Better the devil you know?

Can familiarising Tasmanian devils with one another’s scent prior to release increase reintroduction success?

MSc project (Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat, University of California, Los Angeles)

dingoScent-based dingo management

Can scent be used in non-lethal management of dingoes in Australia?

Honours project (Benjamin Walker, University of New South Wales)

Dog boundaryScent fences for African wild dogs

Developing synthetic scents to manipulate wild dog movements.

Ongoing collaboration (Botswana Predator Conservation Trust)